Benefits of Abstract Art

Benefits of Abstract Art

Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality, instead the artist use shapes, colours and forms. While abstract art is different from figurative art where an image is used to portray a visual aspect of a human being such as a face, a hand or a body. Abstract art is by far the most popular form of art and is a valid choice for all levels of learners and beginners.

The world is just at a stage where the kids can experiment with many different styles of art. This will depend on their mood, which is an added advantage for parents because your children will be able to go through several styles of art and also have learned from them.

There are many ways of enjoying abstract art and here I would like to share the ones which I find particularly interesting and also the most important for your child.

Benefits of Abstract Art

Benefits of Abstract Art

The paintings of Annie Besant are a start. This woman founded the philosophy of social work and in it she espoused the use of colors and forms to achieve one’s purpose. Her philosophy is being applied in today’s schools and this is where abstract art comes into play.

There are various ways of using colors and shapes and also of using this art in a home environment. For example, you can use abstract art for any furniture you use for displaying art. The black chairs and the red tables may be two suitable color combinations for the blacks and the reds. Using colors and shapes also works well with wood.

If you decide to use actual objects for the walls then you can use different colored ink, for example, if you are painting your child’s room, you can use a variety of colors for the walls. You can choose the colors according to the mood of the child, which will make the color choices even more exciting.

As you can see, there are many, many ways of using abstract art and also of enjoying this art. It is a valid art choice even for advanced learners. If you enjoy art, then you should give abstract art a try because your child will surely learn a lot from you. You will enjoy it and your child will also. It is not that difficult and you only need the determination to do it!


Abstract Art African Woman Oil Painting, Colorful Picture Printed on Canvas

Abstract Art


Pablo Picasso Paintings

  Female Bust by Pablo Picasso 1971